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 +====== List all Hosts ======
 +Sometimes you will need to get a list of all hosts/​domain/​sub-domains your apache server is configured to serve. Here is a quick and easy way that lists all ServerName and ServerAlias entries in your configs:
 +blogs:/# cd /​etc/​apache2/​sites-enabled/​
 +blogs:/​etc/​apache2/​sites-enabled#​ THECONFS="​`ls`";​ for ACONF in ${THECONFS};​ do cat ${ACONF} | tr '​\t'​ ' ' | grep -E '^ *(ServerName|ServerAlias)'​ | sed -r 's/^( |ServerName|ServerAlias)+//​g'​ | tr ' ' '​\n';​ done | sort -fu
 +blogs:/​etc/​apache2/​sites-enabled# ​
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