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 +====== Bus errorackage lists... 0% ======
 +This is currently the best fix I have found for the "Bus error" failures when using apt and/or aptitude.
 +# apt-get update
 +Fetched 2,000B in 1s (1,168B/s)
 +Bus errorackage lists... 0%
 +How I fix it:
 +fuser -vvv /​var/​lib/​dpkg/​lock
 +rm /​var/​lib/​apt/​lists/​lock
 +cp -arf /​var/​lib/​dpkg /​var/​lib/​dpkg.backup
 +cp /​var/​lib/​dpkg/​status-old /​var/​lib/​dpkg/​status
 +cp /​var/​lib/​dpkg/​available-old /​var/​lib/​dpkg/​available
 +rm -rf /​var/​lib/​dpkg/​updates/​*
 +rm -rf /​var/​lib/​apt/​lists
 +rm /​var/​cache/​apt/​*.bin
 +mkdir /​var/​lib/​apt/​lists
 +mkdir /​var/​lib/​apt/​lists/​partial
 +LANG=C;​apt-get clean
 +LANG=C;​apt-get autoclean
 +LANG=C;​apt-get --purge autoremove
 +LANG=C;​apt-get update -o APT::​Cache-Limit=25165824
 +dpkg --clear-avail
 +dpkg --configure -a
 +LANG=C;​apt-get -f install
 +LANG=C;​apt-get --fix-missing install
 +LANG=C;​apt-get update -o APT::​Cache-Limit=25165824 && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
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