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 +====== Projects ======
 +[[froxlor_panel:​nagios_plugin|Froxlor Nagios plugin]]
 +[[high_availability:​ocf_cronlink|Cronlink Resource Agent for Corosync]]
 +[[icinga-nagios:​check_ipsec2|Nagios IPSec2 check]]
 +[[icinga-nagios:​check_longrunning_proc|Nagios Long running process check]]
 +[[icinga-nagios:​nullmailer-mailq-check|Nagios Nullmailer queue check]]
 +[[nginx:​lbactive|LBActive dynamic active health check system]]
 +[[virtualization:​proxmox:​pvefind|PVEFind search utility for ProxMox]]
 +[[projects:​proxmox-stonith-driver|ProxMox stonith driver]]
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